Upcoming Events

2016 – 2017

Fall 2016 Launch Event: Social

All of the grad and undergrads who signed up for this year’s mentorship will meet their mentors and mentees. Come and hang out together; there will be snacks and drinks provided.

  • When: 6 – 7 pm, Thursday 3rd November
  • Where: SERF 383

Past Events

2015 – 2016

Fall 2015 Event: Bing

  • This event was the first event in the 2015-2016 school year for MWIP. This was a chance for the Undergrads and Grads to mix and mingle with the help of a fun Bingo game.

Winter 2016 Event: Jeopardy

  • The MWIP Winter 2015 was a chance for Mentees and Mentors to regroup and come together for a fun game of physics jeopardy.